Brand history

Digion PTBY3209


the monochrome numerical display

General information (Digion PTBY3209)
The device type room thermometer
Measuring weather station (Digion PTBY3209)
Temperature indoors
Humidity indoors
The pressure inside
Measurement of external sensors (Digion PTBY3209)
The temperature outside the room
Humidity outdoors
The pressure outside
The speed and direction of wind
The amount and intensity of precipitation
The dew-point temperature
The temperature of the cooling wind
The amount of ultraviolet
Water temperature
Display (Digion PTBY3209)
Display monochrome numeric
Built-in projector
Weather forecast
Lunar calendar
The time of sunrise and sunset
Storm warning
The frost alert
The condition of the battery
For more information (Digion PTBY3209)
Remote control
Connecting to a computer
Accommodation options on the surface
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