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Digion PTE0202WN2


color animation display, the display of weather forecast, temperature, humidity inside, temperature, humidity outside

General information (Digion PTE0202WN2)
The device type weather station
Measuring weather station (Digion PTE0202WN2)
Temperature indoors from -9.9 to +50 °C
Humidity indoors
Measurement of external sensors (Digion PTE0202WN2)
The temperature outside the room from -9.9 to +50 °C
Humidity outdoors
Display (Digion PTE0202WN2)
Display color animation
Built-in projector
Weather forecast
Lunar calendar
The time of sunrise and sunset
Storm warning
The frost alert
For more information (Digion PTE0202WN2)
The conservation limit values
Connecting to a computer
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